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MariZack Consulting began in the late 80’s when opportunities were presented to me to become an independent consultant. I began my software development career in 1978 and am still quite active as a consultant, and in addition providing education to companies, universities as well as individual developers.

One of the greatest development environments on the planet to be created was NeXTSTEP. I had to get into it and I did. I have developed for that and all the successive versions: OpenStep, Yellow Box, Blue Box, currently XCode for Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch. This all courtesy of Apple.

In 1995 I published Developing NeXTSTEP Applications through SAM’s publishing and in 2010 I followed up after 15 years with Professional iPhone and iPad Development and in 2012 I co authored iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer both on the WROX label.

Software Development

With over 30 years of software development experience, feel free to contact me to work on your ideas. Since 2008 I have been delivering apps for Apple's iOS devices.